The Enemies of Your Freedom


There are forces out there hell-bent on taking your freedom.

They have one of two agendas: 1) to take away your power or 2) to take away your money for their own benefit and gain.Their tactics are very similar. They’ll use peer pressure, scare you or feed you the wrong information.

Our country was formed out of fighting against oppression and an insatiable desire for freedom – freedoms of all types: speech, religion, to vote, and to bear arms. Central to our Declaration of Independence against England was the declaration of our unalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. This very same life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness have been under attack in recent years.

The insurgents on these rights hold themselves out as the champion of the people, but their true agenda does not have the public in their best interest but their own as their central focus. They want to take away your power to consolidate their own and take away your financial freedom to line their own pocketbooks.

The enemies that threaten your freedom come from many places and exist on many levels, but they all want to take away your freedom for their own benefit. They’ll tell you their policies and strategies are good for you, but the only people they’re good for are themselves.

You may live in a free country but ask yourself if you enjoy real freedom. What is holding you back? Do you have the freedom to do what you want when you want? Are there real and psychological obstacles preventing you from achieving the type of life you want to live? What is enslaving you?

The list of enemies to your freedom is extensive, but the forces that threaten your freedom begin at an early age and don’t stop even after you die.

These forces want to take away your free thought and force you to think and act a certain way – whether it’s politicians demanding that you bow to a certain ideology in the name of the public good or financial institutions indoctrinating you with the idea that there’s only one way to manage your money. They want to take away what’s yours for their own gain. 

Here is a non-comprehensive list of some of the forces threatening to keep you down:

  1. Education System.
  2. Society.
  3. Peers.
  4. Culture.
  5. Political System.
  6. Socialism.
  7. Government.
  8. Corporate America.
  9. Wall Street.

When an institution or group threatens to take away your freedom, what is the first thing they seek to control? Information.

​​They want to control what you see and hear so they can control what you think. I will avoid politics for the purpose of this article, but the one thing I want to focus on is our financial freedom. Wall Street, Corporate America, and financial institutions want your money and will do anything and everything to control this flow of money into their balance sheets. It starts from a young age.

How many of you were taught from a young age by your parents to save your money for a rainy day? You’re told to stick your money in a bank account, and one day, when you’re old enough, you can invest this money in stocks and bonds. You can put the money in a company 401(k) if you have a job. Credit card companies and retail stores encourage you to apply for credit cards so you can live a lifestyle above your means. All these groups want you to be integrated into the machine so you can feed it for their benefit.

In my own search for financial freedom, the first thing I did was educate myself.

​​I sought out knowledge independent of the traditional talking points indoctrinated in us from all sides and at all levels.

I knew that the traditional path laid out for us by our schools, corporations, banks, Wall Street, and politicians wasn’t meant to create independent thinkers and entrepreneurs – those capable of going out and carving their own path – but robots. These forces wanted compliant drones and worker bees. Politicians love these workers because they pay more in taxes. These workers would feed Wall Street through their 401(k) contributions and investments in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, as society had ingrained in them from a young age.

Your enemies won’t tell you that their way doesn’t work. It’s not meant to work. Your enemies want to keep you down, and if you want to overcome your enemies, you’ll have to be willing to question what they’re feeding you.

Take, for example, debt. Your enemies want you to go into bad debt to pay never-ending interest payments. If you opened your mind and expanded your knowledge base, you’d find that there is good debt – debt that can be used to acquire assets that repay your costs in multiples.

Next, consider investments. Your enemies would have you believe that the only way to make money by investing is by playing the timing game – buying low and selling high or selling before a slide. Timing is speculating, and speculating is gambling; in gambling, the house always wins.

Your enemies don’t want you to know that passive income is the key to financial freedom.

​​It’s acquiring productive assets that make money in your sleep that will help you cut the cord from your job. Your enemies will never tell you this because if you’re putting your disposable income into productive assets instead of destructive assets like cars and toys that deplete your resources, they’ll lose out on debt interest payments.

Ultimately, if you achieve the power to walk away from your job, who’s gonna feed the machine? Who’s gonna work the jobs that feed into 401(k)’s?

If you want to achieve true wealth and financial freedom, recognize your enemies and once you recognize your enemies, do exactly the opposite of what they’re preaching.

If you do this, you will discover the freedom that comes from non-Wall Street investments that generate both cash flow and appreciation – elements essential for building and generating wealth.