Our Story

Velocity Venture Partners

Mike Ayala started out to help busy entrepreneurs and professionals access institutional-grade, private investments. Our goal is to help qualified investors achieve financial freedom without Wall Street by investing in private companies and income-producing assets.

We believe that a good partnership is one where everyone wins together.

When you partner with VVIP, you won’t find any hidden fees, confusing structures, or complex deals. Our returns are created through real value creation and not financial engineering.

We invest significantly in private investments because they are backdoor deals of the playmakers and dealmakers. Many high-income professionals and business owners do not have the expertise or experience to evaluate these opportunities. Investors rely on our proven team while they focus on their expertise.

We are privileged to partner with you and want to thank you for considering Velocity Venture Partners for your investment needs.

Mike Ayala

CEOs of Velocity Venture Partners, LLC.