The Enemies of Your Freedom

There are forces out there hell-bent on taking your freedom. They have one of two agendas: 1) to take away your power or 2) to take away your money for their own benefit and gain.Their tactics are very similar. They’ll use peer pressure, scare you or feed you the wrong information. Our country was formed out […]

The Wrong Freedom Can Be A Burden

I believe that the graph below reflects what most people consider the relationship between freedom and suffering: – Source:   As your freedom increases, you suffer less. In his blog, “Is There Such a Thing as “Too Much Freedom”?, Idahosa Ness observes that if you work a 9–5 job and feel suffocated by the hours, you’d […]

Popular Doesn’t Mean Profitable

Savvy, wealthy investors could make a living by saying, “I told you so,” to the masses who keep jumping on the latest investment bandwagons and losing tons of money. Remember when crypto was flying high in the summer of 2021? Fueled by stimulus money, popular online forums on Reddit and social media, crypto, and meme stocks traded […]

The Road To Wealth Paved With Private Investments

The road to wealth is paved with private investments (i.e., private equity) – investments in non-publicly traded companies. It’s been the secret of ultra-high-net-worth investors (UHNWIs) for decades and one that is now out in the open, with the SEC even getting involved in making private investments accessible to more qualified investors. UHNWIs consistently allocate […]