Investing In Endless Demand

If you lived in the desert next to a well and a group of weary pilgrims happened upon you on foot – pilgrims who had run out of water miles ago – do you think you’d have any problems selling water to these travelers? Then if word gets out to other pilgrims that you sell […]

Recession Investing | Are You Prepared?

Is a recession coming? Warren Buffett thinks so. In his latest letter to investors, he outlines exactly why the economy will sink into recession. It all started with COVID and government stimulus to combat the economic effects of the pandemic. The government flooded the system with stimulus money. It didn’t help that the Fed added […]

Two Paths To A Legacy

What kind of legacy should you leave your heirs and future generations? A financial one? One of wisdom and knowledge? There are two paths to a legacy, but the one that will be the most lasting will be one where the paths converge. So the answer to what kind of legacy you should seek to […]

The Myth And Truth Of Passive Income

Every day I’m bombarded by social media and YouTube ads asking me how I’d like to make money in my sleep and walk away from my 9-to-5 job. How about getting paid to do nothing? The pitchmen and women in these ads tell you it’s all about passive income – income you don’t have to […]

Investing In A Down Market

A recession is imminent, and most Americans aren’t prepared for one. Recession Is Imminent, Economist Who Called 2008 Downturn Says. – Ultra-High-Net-Worth investors (UHNWIs) think one is coming, but it hasn’t changed their investing habits because they always invest as if a recession is coming – with precautions built in for inflation. That’s why the […]

UHNW Investors Have Gone Private – Should You? 

Ultra-High-Net-Worth investors (UHNWIs) are increasing their allocations to private markets, and it’s a sign everyone else should as well. Some UHNWIs have allocated as much as 31% of their portfolios to investments in private companies (i.e., private equity) – up from 2021 and early 2022. So why private markets? Billionaire Ray Dalio gives us a […]

Freedom Is Not A Right

Freedom is not a right or a privilege. It has to be earned and fought for. Freedom is relative. You may think you have freedom when in fact, you don’t. Did anyone feel free during the mandatory lockdowns and stay-at-home orders during COVID? The truth is freedom is constantly in flux. Big tech wants to […]

Freedom: What Drives Mavericks

Freedom doesn’t just disappear overnight. The loss of freedom is gradual and subtle, with those seeking to seize your freedom lulling the general public into complacency and compliance. Those in charge start normalizing the loss of freedom as necessary for the greater good. Just look at the government – national and local – responses to […]

Spring Into More Uncertainty

You’re not alone if you’re confused by the Fed’s recent mixed signals on inflation and its rate hike agenda to combat it. It’s not clear even the Fed knows what direction it’s heading. In early February, the Fed’s policy-making committee approved a quarter-point interest rate hike – its smallest increase in several months – signaling […]

The Financial Mistress

There is no such thing as a good mistress, but there is one mistress you should avoid at all costs. This mistress is a financial mistress. She is ruthless and will leave you high and dry. This financial mistress is bad debt, and you will regret it if you get entangled with her. Bad debt […]