Investing Goals for 2024

What is your investing ethos?  What are the guiding beliefs or principles behind your investments or your approach to money? What motivates you when you invest? Do you have an investing ethos, or do you even put much thought into your investments or the impact or implications of your investment choices? Maybe it’s time to […]

New Investment Goals for 2024

Change… The past few years have seen some major developments across the globe that have reshaped our world and touched almost every part of our lives. You can almost mark the date when things started to change drastically across the globe. January 20, 2020, is the date when everything changed. That was the date when […]

The Simplicity of Investing Differently

The stock market has been on a roller coaster ride recently, with everything from COVID to wars to inflation and high interest rates all contributing to stock market volatility. The stock market is consistently inconsistent, but the past few years have seen extra volatility. While the average investor is used to market volatility, with some […]

How Opinions Affect Your Wealth

U.S. Navy test pilot Alan Shepard became the first American in space on May 5, 1961, when he piloted the Mercury spacecraft Freedom 7 on a 490-kilometer (300-mile) 15-minute suborbital flight. I imagine that during the selection process, Alan Shepard had a lot of questions for NASA’s engineers and scientists. What if, in response to […]

Don’t Read Too Much Into The Housing Headlines

Warren Buffett and his buddy and investing partner, Charlie Munger, made headlines recently when they expressed their worry over the commercial real estate sector. They believe a storm is brewing in the sector that could engulf the banks and impact the broader market. “The buildings don’t go away,” Buffett said at the May 2023 Berkshire […]

Professional Investors Cannot Get It Right

Venture capital (VC) funds and the venture capitalists who run them are professional investors (in the business of funding startups) but a more appropriate job title might be unicorn hunters.  That’s because armed with client money, VCs take a reckless approach to investing that’s not unlike the average stock investor.  They’re constantly seeking unicorns – […]

Tangible vs. Mythical Investments

Investors are constantly chasing that next mythical investment – the one that’s finally going to pay off and make them rich.  In the case of FTX, the failed crypto currency exchange founded by Sam Bankman-Fried when he was 27, it was a case of two levels of unicorns, that of cryptocurrency and that of a […]

The #1 Partner for Creating Success

When we think of partnerships, we tend to think of business partnerships.  For those entering into business partnerships, the goal is financial success.  And the key to a successful partnership is to find the right partner. Traits suggested in a potential business partner include: A Complementary Skill Set:  The first place to start when looking […]