Invest like the 1%
A New Way to Think about Investing.

Our objective is to give access to institutional-grade, private investments to busy professionals and entrepreneurs. VVP doesn’t follow the masses and invest like everyone else. It’s a unique opportunity to invest to achieve your personal dreams and goals in the private sector. We help qualified investors achieve financial freedom without Wall Street by investing in private companies and income producing assets.

3 Reasons Why Most People
Haven't Invested in Private Investments
Unaware of Opportunities
Many aren’t aware of private investments because they are backdoor deals of the playmakers and dealmakers. Velocity is sharing unprecedented access to these unique opportunities.
Limited Experience & Expertise
Many high-income professionals and business owners do not have the expertise or experience to evaluate these opportunities. Investors rely on our proven team while they focus on their expertise.
Lack of Time
There are others who may lack the knowledge, time, experience, and network of experienced real estate operators & sponsors to confidently invest in institutional quality real estate projects that offer better returns. (We offer those!)
About Velocity Venture Partners, LLC.
  • Reserved for accredited investors.
  • Investments in private equity and real assets.
  • Selected to build cash flow and generational wealth.

Finally, the freedom to live the life you imagine.

Find out how you can finally enjoy the life you’ve always imagined.

Please contact us to learn more. Once we know that you qualify for this unique opportunity to finally earn financial freedom, we can provide you with more information about it.

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So what’s holding you back from living the life you imagine?

Don’t have access to the kinds of investments that could increase your cash flow so you can achieve all the things you imagine for yourself and the people you love? Perhaps you’re frustrated because of the limited options for truly diversifying your portfolio.Velocity Venture Partners, LLC could connect you with investment opportunities selected to help people like you find the financial freedom you need to live your best life and to be able to share — and pass on — that lifestyle to your family.